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Marchmanactinfo.com was specifically designed to act as a nexus for the public to access general Marchman Act information and directly connect them facilities that they need to best select those that are right for them.  


The referenced material educates the public while the directories provide a user friendly method to seek out a needed facility; based on various parameters like age groups and price ranges. 

What can the Marchman Act accomplish?

Individuals seek information about The Florida Marchman Act because they have encountered someone in their life who refuses to enter treatment or repeatedly leaves treatment against medical advice and continues to abuse substances. If implemented correctly, one can obtain court…

What are the time frames for the Marchman Act?

Within ten (10) days of filing an Assessment and Stabilization Marchman Act petition, a hearing must be held or a decision is made ex-parte by the court based solely on the contents of the filled assessment and stabilization petition itself…. Sponsored by Reference Nexus 

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Is the Marchman Act confidential?

Prior to July 1st, 2017, in many counties throughout the State of Florida, Marchman Act proceedings were deemed confidential by local administrative order. However, in some counties various legal pleadings had to be filed to request that the court protect…

What are the rights of the respondent?

After a Marchman Act Petition is filed and a hearing date set by the Court, the respondent will be asked if they wish to have an attorney. If the respondent wishes to be represented by an attorney and cannot afford…

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